Kick-Start Your Psychic Side Hustle

Some mysteries simply can’t be solved with hard science—like, is my golden retriever really as happy as she seems? And, does your tortoise find it frustrating to move so slowly?
But for a fee, you can find out using a pet medium—or better yet, just become a psychic! After illuminating that a client’s rotund tabby “doesn’t like being called fat,” one animal communicator credited training, not supernatural gifts, for her insights into the pet psyche.
To kick-start your own psychic side hustle, try Montclair Psychic School’s 9-hour Unfoldment Into Mediumship—as one intrepid Guardian writer did. After all, “100% of us are psychic,” according to Pete A. Sanders Jr who, unsurprisingly, wrote a book called You Are Psychic!
Obligatory buzz kill: The National Research Council enshrined its disbelief in a 1988 report finding “no scientific justification … for the existence of parapsychological phenomena.” But for some reason, the $2 billion psychic services industry doesn't seem to mind...

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