Taking Their Lives Away

A devastating report from ProPublica recounts profound suffering and agonizing waiting endured by immigrant youth in the US living in 9 federally funded Chicago-area shelters.
A Guatemalan teen detained at least 584 days, said he wanted to “quitarme la vida,” or “take my life away.” Other teens ran away as their 18th birthdays approached—the “dreaded milestone marked by the arrival of federal immigration agents at shelter doors, sometimes just after midnight” to take them into custody.
Meanwhile, today the Trump administration is set to publish a new draft regulation to detain families who enter the US without legal status indefinitely—with no limit on how long children may be held with their parents, Vox reported. Additionally, the Trump administration is drafting a rule on “public charges”—a categorization that could affect access to medical care for millions of immigrants and their families, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

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