Youth Hold Keys to Solving NCDs

Youth: They’re the first to download, update, plug in, take risks and embrace new technologies. They’re sharing their dissatisfaction with the status quo, and their visions for a healthier future (think #MeToo and #NeverAgain), write Jessica Renzella and Lucy Richards of NCDFREE.
And when it comes to preventing NCDs, they are both a target audience and an intervention. “Young people with NCD risk factors become adults with NCDs,” they note.
But it is not young against old. Renzella and Richards explain that young global health leaders want to leverage the strengths and perspectives of all ages to find the best solutions—but to do that, youth want and need an equal and respected seat at the table. “Please teach us, we want to learn,” they write. “Please listen, we want to share.” Next week's UN High-level Meeting on NCDs, they suggest, offers an ideal opportunity to start building communities, social brands and solutions to pressing global health challenges together.

Jessica Renzella and Lucy Richards for Global Health NOW

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