Autumn's Most Wanted

Ahh, autumn, season of sweaters, soccer and pumpkin spice.

In many parts of the world, fall is nipping at winter’s heels in the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ stakes—complete with its own seasonal gremlin.

Christmas has its Grinch; autumn the infamous Jerk With the Leaf Blower. (NB: If you’re holding one, wearing noise-canceling earmuffs as you deafen your neighbors—that jerk is you.)

Noise aside, their 2-stroke engines kick up a confetti of particulate matter, making autumn’s most-hated garden tool a bona fide “pollution bomb.”

Why do we let it happen? Because of America’s outrageous standards of (landscaping) beauty, of course! Looking to for a more modern take? Try a rake, suggests David Dudley.


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