Conflict Dampens Ebola Response in DRC

Top CDC Ebola experts were pulled from the DRC’s outbreak zone amid security concerns several weeks ago, raising questions about the overall outbreak response. While the early deployment of an experimental vaccine showed promise in containing the outbreak quickly, ongoing conflict in the region has dampened response efforts.

The CDC’s leading experts are integral to the response—but experts like Pierre Rollin, “a fixture of Ebola responses” are working from Kinshasa, 1,000 miles from the outbreak’s epicenter, STAT’s Helen Branswell reports.

The death toll now stands at 100 people. Last week, one victim’s body was stolen en route from an Ebola treatment center and redirected to a family plot, rather than the official cemetery allocated for safe burial, NPR’s Goats and Soda reports.

On Friday, a plumber became the first UN worker to be diagnosed with Ebola during this outbreak, Reuters reported.

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