Global Treaty Fights Big Tobacco; Big Tobacco Fights Back

Deep divisions about the best approach to curb smoking were on display as delegates from 137 countries gathered in Geneva Monday to hash out the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The meeting aims to lay out a plan to scale up the tobacco control agenda, and strengthen the treaty’s implementation.
The confab is expected to orbit around efforts to limit the influence of Big Tobacco—which leverages “astronomical budgets” in “its furious efforts to undermine the implementation of our treaty,” said the WHO FCTC’s Vera Luiza da Costa e Silva. Tobacco reps are barred from the meeting, but the industry is still angling for new products to be considered part of the solution.

Released yesterday, the WHO’s FCTC progress report hails smoke-free areas and advertising bans for tobacco products as points of progress for the 13-year-old treaty.

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