It's Halloween! ... Hold the Chicken Costumes

The CDC has no stated objection to your Newfoundland dog dressing as a bee, your cat carousing as a taco, or your mare morphing into Minnie Mouse. But chicken hearts broke when reports surfaced that the agency didn’t want poultry to participate in Halloween dress-up, for fear of spreading Salmonella.

But fear not!  People magazine clarified that the CDC simply doesn’t want you to cuddle or kiss your chickens. Costumes are fine as long as they’re comfy.

But there’s still Killjoy #2 to consider—which will surely be overshadowed by your selfish desire to dress your Rottweiler as a ballerina: It may be embarrassing to them, or send a signal that they’re being punished, according to a Barnard professor who clearly hates this Hallmark holiday.

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