Midterms Looming, Trump Targets Transgender Identity

The Trump administration may legislate transgender out of existence with its biggest effort yet to narrowly define gender according to genitalia at birth, the New York Times reported Sunday.

The move would overturn Obama-era education and healthcare protections for transgender people that spurred debate over gendered spaces such as bathrooms and dorms.

The proposed paradigm—a move some warn could be a ploy to stir the political pot ahead of the midterm elections—is like “saying that automobiles come in two forms: cars and trucks,” writes James Hamblin in The Atlantic. He added that such a narrow definition is scientifically implausible given the myriad variables that affect gestation and fetal development. Thousands of babies are born each year with “ambiguous genitalia,” for example.

Scientific implausibility aside, the issue raises important questions about government overreach and individual privacy, Hamblin noted.

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