In Sulawesi, Rescue Teams Scramble for Survivors

Amid fierce aftershocks, rescue teams are racing against the clock to find survivors buried in the rubble after a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Friday off the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Over 840 people are confirmed dead, with the death toll expected to climb.  

The devastation hit hardest in the city of Palu, where hundreds were gathered for a beachfront festival when waves topping 6 meters hit the shore, AP reports. A tsunami warning was issued, but predicted much smaller waves and was lifted just 30 minutes after being issued, BBC reports.

Food and supplies are scarce, and damaged hospitals are overwhelmed with injured victims. Scores are flocking to the airports hoping to board military flights. The region is in dire need of heavy equipment to help reach any survivors trapped in buildings.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has green-lit the acceptance of international aid.

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