On Black Friday, the Ultimate Climate News Dump

While Americans were out shopping on Black Friday, the US government dropped a massive report that roundly contradicts President Trump’s stance on climate change, The Atlantic reported.
Endorsed by 13 federal agencies, the National Climate Assessment details the immediate threats climate change pose to the health of every region, every citizen, and the economy in overall.
Region by region, the report offers a harsh check on patterns often taken for granted: seasons, spring blossoms, oceanside living, harvest schedules. It forecasts massive wildfires across the Southeast, plummeting farm yields in the Midwest, and if carbon pollution continues to rise, a 5-foot sea level rise on the Atlantic coast by 2100.
The report was released 2 weeks early on the busiest shopping day of the year—alarming some of its 300 authors as well as Al Gore and environmental groups who blasted Trump for burying the news, Newsweek reported.

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