Consumers Gone Wild!

In 6 days, Americans will gather in gratitude on Thanksgiving Day.
In 7, that all goes out the window. When the clock strikes 12 on Black Friday, families will put aside their Turkey Day tenderness in the name of rampant consumerism.

Apparently, while mom tells Little Sammy to snatch a flatscreen from someone else’s cart, and Uncle Ted aggressively stockpiles DVDs, the competitive consumerism unites families under a common goal of “winning” the Black Friday fight, the New York Times reported.
The little-understood scourge of Black Friday injustice, like being denied an advertised discount, churns up “consumer competitive arousal” that causes shoppers to completely flip put, one marketing professor told the Times. So be prepared to be punched, maced, or witness open defecation. All this happens with striking regularity on the most outrageous shopping day of the year, as employees attest in Buzzfeed.

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