DRC Outbreak Tops 500 Cases

Ebola cases in the DRC have reached 500 cases and 289 deaths, CIDRAP reported. The last time Ebola cases topped 500, it “didn’t turn out so well,” Helen Branswell noted in a Twitter thread.

Ongoing conflict continues to hamper response efforts. Health care posts have been burned by community members in Katwa, one of the hotspots in what is now the second-largest Ebola outbreak.

2 of the 4 new deaths recorded yesterday occurred outside hospitals or Ebola treatment centers—upping the risk of transmission. 80 people are under surveillance with suspected infections, according to the DRC’s daily update.

Response teams have deployed 44,000+ vaccines and are tracing case contacts, but cases are cropping up outside known contact networks, the WHO reported.

Amid these “remarkable” vaccination numbers, Laurie Garrett asked, “have ANY diagnosed cases been vaccine recipients? If no, that's huge,” she tweeted.

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