Wrong Way on a One-Way Street

Greenhouse gas emissions are accelerating like a “speeding freight train” in 2018, rising for the 5 straight years, according to 1 of 2 new studies published this week as climate talks continue in Poland.

An insatiable global appetite for cars is driving emissions—literally—in the wrong direction, the study found. Cars are selling fast, and people are taking longer trips, more than canceling out the gains of electric vehicles.

To meet Paris accord goals, emissions must quickly backtrack. Instead, they're set to rise 2.7% in 2018, according to the Global Carbon Project. And countries are stalling on their climate commitments.  

Sound familiar? This new assessment is the third major study in recent months calling attention to the lagging climate change progress.

Note to nations: Meeting the Paris goals could prevent more than 1 million deaths from air pollution alone by 2050, CNN reports in an article on a new WHO report.  

The New York Times

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