DRC Violence Pushes Refugees to Uganda

Hundreds of refugees have entered Uganda from the Democratic of the Republic of the Congo after its contentious election Sunday. The influx fuels concerns that Ebola could spread; some people attempting to cross the border resisted Ebola screening efforts by Ugandan health officials and were forced back, the AP reported.
Anger over the government’s decision to block ~1 million people from voting in the presidential election, citing Ebola, set off protests and violence. In Komanda, a health ministry vaccination worker was wounded, CIDRAP reported yesterday.
The latest Ebola case count has climbed to 608, but Crawford Kilian shrewdly noted that the Ebola DRC KIVU 2018 Dashboard details something the MoH updates leave out: Contact tracing. He notes that 1,000 of 7,000 identified contacts are not being traced—presumably because they cannot be reached. “Worse yet, we have little or no idea who might be contacts of community deaths whose chain of infection is simply unknown,” he writes. 

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