Election Uncertainty

While news that opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi won the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s presidential election sinks in, the public health world wonders what it might mean for the Ebola fight.

Election fraud allegations from a rival could fuel more of the destabilizing violence that continues to plague areas hard-hit by Ebola, like Beni.

But Crawford Kilian raised another concern: A dangerous disruption to the Ebola effort if Oly Ilunga is ousted as minister of health. “By the time a new government gets its act together on Ebola, the disease could be all over the DRC and all over East Africa," Kilian wrote.

A Dose of Good News

A new experimental drug shows promise to treat all strains of the Ebola virus.
Scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch reported they developed a 2-antibody cocktail called MBP134 that successfully protected nonhuman primates in one dose, according to a Cell Host & Microbe study.

"The ability to quickly and efficiently provide protection against all Ebola viruses in a single dose would reduce the burden on health care workers in the field during outbreaks, especially in regions that have a less-developed infrastructure," said University of Texas Medical Branch Ebola researcher Thomas Geisbert.

The Economic Times


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