Marie Kondo Reinvents the #BirdboxChallenge

If you haven’t heard of the Netflix thriller Bird Box you’ve probably been living—well—under a box. It’s the film that birthed a thousand memes—or is it the memes that sparked 45 million views? Conspiracy theories abound that Netflix paid people to make Bird Box memes go viral as a PR stunt. It worked. Perhaps too well.

Like any viral hit worth its salt, Bird Box sparked a dangerous viral dare, the #BirdBoxChallenge, which has people doing things blindfolded for no apparent reason, prompting a safety warning.

It all stinks of a franchise in the making. If the New Yorker has its way, People Doing Stuff Blindfolded will become an iconic cult genre. Coming soon: The ultimate prize fight, “Bird Boxing” and the Sesame Street spinoff “Big Bird Box”.

But nothing hits the zeitgeist between the eyes quite like “Bird, Box.” In this insta-hit, Marie Kondo encourages pet owners to ditch feathered friends that don’t “spark joy.”

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