Mental Well-being in Medical Schools

I would like to share an idea for a health innovation that I hope the global health and medical communities will embrace. There is a great need for a new subject—mental well-being—in medical studies. Medical training should include attention to maintaining mental health and well-being, as the domain of psychiatry only covers disease.

The idea is based on the same concept of anatomy and physiology subjects being taught before medicine and surgery. If mental well-being is adopted as an important part of a medical education, by medical institutions or medical schools, we’ll have better prospects of preventing mental illness. The structure could be student/doctor-centered, patient-centered and community-centered. It should also cover students’ own mental health, work ethics and conduct toward colleagues and future patients with empathy, because mental well-being cannot be achieved without creating a favorable environment encompassing everyone.—Sarah Tanvir, MBBS, MPH, Pakistan

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