Setting Up to Fail in 2019

It’s 4 days into January, meaning it’s time to start giving up on New Year’s resolutions.

The most ubiquitous health and wealth goals have spawned a Resolution Industrial Complex that feeds off a “commodification of inadequacy” so blatant that it “might seem rude during most of the year,” the Atlantic explains. And yet somehow, you will probably still fail.

If you haven’t already given up after realizing that 10 pounds wasn’t going to shed itself—good for you. But most likely, you will start to fail within the next couple of weeks.

Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz offered a healing salve for our wounded egos in the Guardian: It’s probably not your fault. Rather, an even bigger menace is complicit in our failure: the social determinants of health, which determine whether the odds are stacked in our favor when it comes to achieving our health resolutions. So if anyone ought to be making a New Year’s resolution—and sticking to it—it’s society.

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