Singapore’s Cyber Breach

An HIV-positive American leaked the personal data of 14,200 HIV-positive people in Singapore—including names, ID numbers, phone numbers and addresses—after being deported from the city-state. Following a major cyber attack last year on its national health database, the leak is another blow to Singapore’s push to be seen as a data and health care hub. Reuters

Conspiracy Caught on Film

AIDS researchers have hit back against a new film touting conspiracy theories about HIV/AIDS during apartheid-era South Africa.

In “Cold Case Hammarskjold” a former militia member claims that in the early 1990s his organization spread HIV with fake vaccinations “to eradicate black people” amid decades of white supremacist rule.  

Critics say such a scheme would have been impossible to carry out with resources available at the time, and that the film gives dangerous currency to conspiracy theories in South Africa—which has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world and a legacy of officials questioning established science.

The New York Times

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