Wary Eyes on Goma

Ebola could be taking aim at Goma, home to 1 million—a nightmare scenario health officials are scrambling to prevent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Several confirmed cases in Kayina—positioned halfway between Butembo, one of the outbreak’s troubling hotspots, and Goma—are fueling the concern. A rapid response team has been deployed to Kayina, and Peter Salama, who heads the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, told Vox that Ebola responders are ready in Goma just in case—with a lab and health centers to isolate and care for the sick.

Crawford Kilian, though, is worried about DRC’s tumultuous politics more than Goma. “Violence approaching the level of civil war will encourage still more mobility, and Ebola could easily travel with them. Never mind Goma; what if Ebola reaches Kinshasa, or Kampala, or any number of other big central African cities?” he wrote in his blog, H5N1.


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