Advocates Angle for At-Risk Populations

On President Trump’s pledge to reduce the spread of HIV in the US, black women say that their communities ought to be a focus, NPR Shots reports.
Consistent PrEP use credited with falling HIV diagnoses has mostly benefited white gay men. But black women are the second most vulnerable group to HIV, according to the CDC—after gay men of any race. “The unequal roll-out of PrEP to women must be resolved in the new plan,” says Leisha McKinley-Beach, a HIV/AIDS consultant who is frustrated by the lack of significant change in HIV transmission among black men and women.
Trump will need to win over skeptics for his ambitious new HIV strategy to succeed. Politico underscored the ways his administration has undermined the fight so far—with attempts to cut nearly $1 billion in global HIV/AIDS funding and strike health benefits for LGBTQ Americans. “No real public health agenda can ever include dangerous cuts or discrimination against those who need services the most,” said Blossom Brown, an activist who works with the Human Rights Campaign.

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