Anti-vax backlash is building across the US—and across the globe—as measles cases climb, The Washington Post reported.
In the US, New York and Washington states are seeing their worst measles outbreaks in decades. In 11 states, bills are in play to limit or banish vaccine exemptions with varying success, and bipartisan congressional hearings are set to investigate the recent spate of outbreaks. Social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest are limiting anti-vax content.
And for the first time, the WHO has named listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 global threats. In Europe, measles cases reached a 20-year high as cases soar in Italy, an anti-vaccine hot spot.
The rise of vaccine skepticism has lined up with the rise with populism, according to new research in the European Journal of Public Health, the Guardian's Sarah Boseley reported.

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