Cupid’s Trolls of Yore

If Valentine’s Day passed you over yesterday, take heart—at least you didn’t get a Vinegar Valentine.
Victorians dispatched the rude, often crude missives to dissuade unwelcome advances from suitors, salespeople or—disturbingly—suffragists. Sent anonymously, they forced unlucky targets to guess their troll—and, “as if this weren’t bruising enough, the recipient paid the postage on delivery,” Atlas Obscura reported. Postmasters sometimes swooped in as angels of mercy and blocked the worst offenders.
Ouch. It’s a good thing Victorian-era bullies didn’t have access to modern day social media. They would have embraced the El Paso Zoo’s take on Valentine vengeance: Name a cockroach after your ex, then watch it be fed to a meerkat, streamed online.
We like the spirit of MSF’s Valentine better: They urged Pfizer to “stop playing hard to get” & drop the price of the pneumonia vaccine for developing countries too!”

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