Equal Opportunity Infector

Measles infections are projected to double this year compared to 2018, hitting rich and poor countries alike, the WHO reported yesterday. The UN is calling on member states to close vaccination gaps as far-flung measles outbreaks spread. 

“We’re backsliding on the progress that has been made, not because we don’t have the tools, but because we’re not vaccinating,” said the WHO’s Katherine O’Brien, noting that the debunked myth between autism and a measles vaccine was based on erroneous data.

But as cases climb in the US, anti-vaxxers are targeting pregnant women with sponsored Facebook ads touting misinformation, Business Insider reports. The Stop Mandatory Vaccinations Facebook page has 100,000+ likes.

Under pressure from lawmakers, Facebook may pull misleading content from recommendation features like Groups You Should Join, Bloomberg reported. Google has taken similar steps.

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