Measles Makes a Comeback with World Tour

Measles is making its mark with several simultaneous outbreaks in disparate hotspots.

Madagascar is experiencing its worst measles outbreak in decades, with over 50,000 cases since October 2018 and 300+ deaths—most of them children, CNN reports. There, most families want vaccines but in an underfunded health system, can’t get them.

In other outbreaks, anti-vaccine sentiment stokes the spread.

In the Philippines—where Dengvaxia vaccine problems fueled vaccine suspicions—measles cases are up 74% from 2018, BBC reports.  

And in Clark County, Washington where “being anti-vaccine is as acceptable as being vegan or going gluten free,” almost a quarter of kids aren’t vaccinated, The Washington Post reports. As cases mount, health officials must spend precious time squashing misinformation like the claim that the measles vax can cause brain inflammation—which is actually a rare symptom of the disease itself.

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