Now You CC Me, Now You Don’t

There’s no sinking feeling quite like realizing you just sent unintended Reply All.

But there is one surefire catharsis: sharing the cringey correspondence with The New York Times. David Pogue’s crowdsourced collection of email mishaps reaffirms that once the deed is done, it can be hard to imagine being cc:d in public again.

But don’t panic! Perpetrators’ frantic backpedaling efforts have birthed some ingenious Reply All life hacks.

  • Accidentally call your plumber a “bumbling idiot” when requesting a quote? Flood the email chain with newer, nicer messages to bury the humiliation.
  • Accidentally dish to an entire school about a bad date? Go on the offensive and admit it.
  • Send a therapy client messages intended for your ex-husband? Try GHN’s favorite: Blaming a small child—the ultimate Reply All redemption. Bar none.

PS: Need more Reply All in your life? Check out its namesake podcast from Gimlet Media.

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