The Thunberg Effect

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist, scored a major victory yesterday. EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled a proposal to spend hundreds of billions of euros on mitigating climate change beginning in 2021, Reuters reports.
Thunberg began a global movement last August when she camped outside the Swedish parliament to protest lawmakers’ failure to live up to their commitments under the Paris climate accord, Vox notes. Students from the UK, Australia, Uganda, Thailand, Colombia, and beyond followed her lead and have skipped a day of school to demand action.
A Thunberg Quotapedia:

  • A warning for politicians: Ignoring the science “would be the greatest failure of human history and they will be remembered as the greatest villains of all time.”
  •  “If you still say that we are wasting valuable lesson time, then let me remind you that our political leaders have wasted decades through denial and inaction,” Thunberg said in response to criticism from Theresa May for skipping classes. 

 After an Australian education minister threatened students who went on strike, Thunberg unleashed this fiery tweet: “Ok. We hear you. And we don’t care. Your statement belongs in a museum.

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