The Cost of Exploiting the Earth

Relentless exploitation of natural resources—which already accounts for 90% of the world’s biodiversity loss—remains a dangerous upward trajectory, according to a new UN report.

"Frankly, there will be no tomorrow for many people unless we stop," warned UN environment chief Joyce Msyua.

Resource use is expected to double by 2060, by which time carbon emissions will be up 40% while another 10% of forests and 20% of habitats will disappear if the destruction continues apace.

The UN’s Global Resources Outlook 2019 was unveiled today at the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, where ministers are planning new commitments to sustainability, Reuters reports.

The report warns that without a rapid turnaround on resource management, biodiversity SDGs and the Paris accord goals will be unattainable.

As for solutions, the report calls for ramped-up regulations for resource extraction—and disincentives like natural resources taxes.


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