Ebola Response Drowning in Disbelief

A quarter of people in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo don’t believe Ebola is real. That deep mistrust means people are 15X less likely to use Ebola clinics, AP reports.

A new Lancet Infectious Diseases survey released yesterday reinforces the huge challenges of the DRC Ebola response, already marked by deadly attacks on health clinics.  

Some trust may also be lost in translation. According to another report from Translators Without Borders, the wrong language can hinder the promise of a "game changing" Ebola vaccine. In North Kivu province, many don’t know the word "vaccine" nor its Swahili equivalent “chanjo.” But they do understand the Congolese Swahili word “ndui,” which refers to prenatal vaccines.

Another update: Days after cases hit the 1,000 mark, Peter Graaff—a veteran of the West Africa Ebola outbreak—was named the WHO’s new special representative for Ebola in the DRC, CIDRAP reports.

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