Jo(h)n Snow—Winterfell and Water Pumps

In June of 2015, John Snow suddenly hit Google pay dirt.
The “Father of Epidemiology” is just one typo away from fictional Jon Snow, star of HBO's hit Game of Thrones, who had seemingly been killed off at the end of season 5. Fans eager to speculate about Snow’s death may have found themselves reading about an 1854 cholera outbreak.
As it turns out, there are similarities between the 2, including visionary ideas and (allegedly) tragically premature deaths. Really, what is a hero’s journey if not a lifetime of work convincing people that White Walkers are real or that cholera has a microbial source?
8 Ways John Snow Is Like Jon Snow—EOScu Health Care Blog

Completely Unrelated (though must-see video):
Pizza Intern is all of us, in our overworked, awkward and hungry glory – Washington Post 


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