Mosque Massacres Shake Christchurch to its Core

As New Zealand grieves after last Friday's attacks in Christchurch in which 50 people were killed, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden is working through tough proposals on limiting access to guns, according to CNN.

Previous attempts at tighter gun control have failed at least 3 times in recent years in the country, which has high levels of gun ownership and a strong hunting tradition. But the massacre in Christchurch has dramatically shifted public opinion.

Mucad Ibrahim was the youngest of 50 victims killed in Friday’s mass shootings at 2 New Zealand mosques. He was just 3 years old, the Washington Post reports. Born in New Zealand, the tiny boy’s family had fled violence in Somalia some 20 years ago. After the mosque massacres—which were broadcast on Facebook Live—Christchurch doesn’t feel safe, either.

For a small community of Bangladeshis in Christchurch, the mosque was “the center of their lives,” NPR reports.

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