"Murder by Fake Medicine"

Hundreds of thousands die each year from counterfeit or poor quality drugs, warn doctors and scientists calling for an international movement to flush the fakes out of the system.
250,000 children die from drugs intended to treat malaria and pneumonia alone, they write in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Some of the drugs, many originating in China and India, have been found to contain printer ink, paint, and arsenic. Those responsible often face few repercussions.
The Quote: “The penalties are a slap on the hand, but we are talking about murder by fake medicine here,” said Joel Breman, a US NIH senior scientist emeritus.

The Guardian

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March 18, 2019

It saddens me to know that the causes of this displacement of counterfeit drugs stems from the high demands, poor surveillance, quality control and regulations for easy access for criminal gangs and cartels. The impact of these key contributors has been proven to affect the developing countries. Need to say, that they are called developing countries for a reason. The fact that they are already lacking the inequality of life do to lack of economic resources to sustain a healthy life, but also have encounter underhanded marketing of counterfeit drugs. And showing the reporting numbers of the death count based on counterfeit drugs, government penalties were minor charges implemented to the accusers. The penalties did not equal the crime due based on the lost of a life. There needs to be harsher penalties for their consequences.

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