Shedding Myths

Kara Mosley had always seen eating disorders as “a white, rich, female, adolescent disorder," said the black actress. She suffered from bulimia for years before using her voice to promote a more diverse dialogue, NPR Shots reports. Those aren’t the only misconceptions about eating disorders that advocates are trying to shed.

Males make up a third of people who struggle with eating disorders, NPR reports. Athletes' performance-driven eating disorders often go untreated—instead, their discipline may be applauded and weight loss celebrated as a sign of dedication, notes a recent HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel segment.

Elite cyclist Guy East’s coach would “offer him a salad after a six-hour ride, then pinch his stomach and tell him to lose weight.”

Looking to banish these misconceptions, the National Eating Disorder Association’s annual awareness campaign is dedicated to spreading inclusivity with #ComeAsYouAre.

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