Trump's Big Budget Reveal

Yesterday, US President Donald Trump unveiled his 2020 budget proposal, calling for steep cuts to foreign aid including humanitarian, refugee and global health programs, The Washington Post reports.

3 funds worth $9 billion overall would be compacted into a single $6 billion pot. The plan would also slash global health programs 28%.

Regardless of whether the budget is passed, “the signal it sends to the world’s poorest will be remembered,” said Tom Hart of the One Campaign, which promotes health campaigns globally.

Reason not to panic: The US Congress largely restored cuts to science and foreign aid in previous Trump budget proposals. 

Also on the proposed chopping block: programs for the poor, elderly and disabled in the US; Medicare would lose $845 billion, according to another Washington Post article. Obamacare would be replaced with a Republican-led plan that cuts subsidies for low-income Americans and drops protections for people with preexisting conditions, Vox reported.

Also part of the plan, according to the Washington Post:

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