More Attacks on Ebola Warriors

Friday, Cameroonian epidemiologist Richard Valery Mouzoko Kiboung was killed in an attack on Butembo University Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that also injured 2 others, the WHO reports.
Gunmen broke into a conference room, forced people to the floor, stole their belongings, and accused people of spreading false rumors about Ebola before shooting the doctor.
Then on Saturday, machete-wielding attackers attempted to burn down Butembo’s Katwa hospital—but military and police guards killed one militia member and arrested 5 others, Butembo’s mayor told the AP.
On an AP image of the guards, Crawford Kilian commented in H5N1: “I thought it was the saddest photo I've seen in years: Armed men, in a defensive position, trying to protect a hospital in an Ebola hot zone. They weren't even taking the fight to the aggressors.”

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