In Praise of Audacity

Nearly half of Africa’s population remains at risk of infection by parasites such as intestinal worms—yet deworming treatments are “mind-blowingly inexpensive and easy to treat,” The END Fund says.
Now, as one of The Audacious Project’s new darlings, The END Fund hopes to offer deworming treatment to 100 million people and support efforts to improve water and sanitation. “The Audacious donor community’s anchor capital will allow the END Fund to push the boundaries of what’s possible: eliminate intestinal worms and schistosomiasis as a public health problem in select geographies in Africa,” says Ellen Agler, END Fund CEO.
Housed at TED and operated with support from The Bridgespan Group, The Audacious Project has raised $280 million for 8 projects to highlight this year, Fast Company reports.

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