Remembering the Rwandan Genocide: 25 Years On

Yesterday marked a quarter century since the Rwandan genocide that saw nearly 1 million people slaughtered in less than 4 months, The New Humanitarian reports.

Most of the victims were Tutsis, targeted after the assassination of Hutu President Juvénal Habyarimana. For survivors and those born after the violence, the legacy of shared trauma is revealed during annual commemorative events. The trauma can be inherited by stories told—or by what’s held inside.

Guiding traumatized people to mental health services is a key challenge for Rwandan health workers. Rwanda’s national health insurance offers mental health services, but just 5% of people seek them out.

25 years later, Médecins Sans Frontières is still dealing with the trauma of 200 staff killed. When refugees flooded camps in the former Zaire, MSF describes being unwitting bait for attackers. Some survivors witnessed patients massacred in front of them.

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