Big Ben Has the Time of His Life

For non-runners, a marathon may seem the most masochistic of activities. But just think how hard it must be for Big Ben, London’s iconic—and very tall, very rectangular clock tower. But he did it anyway.

The run had 2 timely purposes: Raising money for Alzheimer’s research, and snagging the Guinness World Record for “fastest marathon dressed as a landmark.” That's an actual category, BBC confirms.

Obscured beneath the weighty timepiece, Lukas Bates lent his legs to the effort. Crowds cheered as the monolith bounced along the route having the time of his life.

Until the very end—when Ben proved too tall to clear the finish line. While Bates may have lost his Ben costume at the pub later that day—he won countless hearts, and made 600% of his funding goal. Ding dong!

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