It’s Not All Fungi and Games, Folks

Welcome to The Fungus Olympics: Where the competitors are fungi, the stadium is a petri dish, and performance enhancing substances are encouraged.
Fungal teams receive microscopic mazes by mail and subject their fungal athletes to tests judging their speed, agility, and “intelligence” as they blaze through the mazes.
But it’s not all fungi-and-games, as human fungal diseases are a neglected issue, Bryan Coad of the University of Adelaide—who dubbed his team the #fungusdownunder—explained to The Conversation AU.
And as the Fungus Olympics organizers say, only the “fastest, strongest, and most agile fungus will win,” but “everyone will benefit from the insights gained.”
We look forward to seeing who medals after the Mycological Society of America meeting this August.

Competitors, may the spores be with you!

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