A Major Milestone in the AIDS Fight

A landmark study published in the Lancet yesterday puts the end of the AIDS epidemic within reach, The Guardian reports.

The PARTNER study found that men whose HIV infection was fully suppressed by antiretroviral drugs had zero chance of infecting their partner. The treatment has already been shown to protect heterosexual partners where one person has HIV.

“It’s brilliant – fantastic. This very much puts this issue to bed,” said Alison Rodgers of University College London, a co-lead on the study.

The findings give new credence to the message of the U=U—undetectable equals untransmittable—campaign.

They also reinforce the benefits of early testing and treatment—2 sticking points in the AIDS fight that have a key role to play in ending HIV transmission altogether. Late diagnosis still accounts for 43% of new HIV diagnoses.

The next step, notes Rodgers, is leveraging these results to suppress stigma.

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