WHO Passes Diluted Deal on Drug Transparency

World Health Assembly delegates agreed to press for more transparency on drug pricing today—but stopped short of compelling pharmaceutical companies to disclose R&D costs, Reuters reports.
Secrecy surrounding drug production costs forces governments to negotiate in the dark, activists contend. But drug makers maintain that med pricing should be based on their benefits, regardless of how much they cost to produce—otherwise, they argue, companies lose their commercial incentive to develop treatments.
Days of strained negotiations at #WHA72 culminated in the watered-down version of an agreement originally proposed by a group of countries led by Italy.

The MSF Access Campaign's Gaelle Krikorian blamed “a small minority of wealthy countries” including Germany and the UK for “working to weaken or block the resolution despite the challenges that exist with high prices in their own countries,” Kerry Cullinan reported in South Africa’s Health-E News.

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