You Brought WHAT on the Subway?

Think about it: You're a New York City subway conductor and a passenger approaches with a large woolly dog hoisted up in a burlap sack—does it count as a legitimate pet bag? These are the tough calls subway staffers make on a daily basis, as the New York Times documents.
For this steely train conductor, it was an unequivocal no.
Yet no one bats an eyelid when a motley crew of passengers maneuver a gigantic, incredibly awkward object down the entire length of a subway car. Rather, fellow riders simply offered to help, as documented by the Subway Creatures Instagram account.
A dancing UFO—or at least someone dressed like one? Not worth a mention. 
But amid all this stoicism, there is one raw nerve on the subway that never flinches: train delays. The Times has another, less amusing series devoted to that—“Your Tales of Subway Hell.”

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