1 Million per Day: The Global Toll of STIs

The numbers are stunning: Every day, there are more than 1 million new cases of 4 sexually transmitted infections, according to a new WHO report. The STIs studied were: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and syphilis.
Although largely treatable with antibiotics, most infections occur without symptoms so people don’t go in for testing and treatment—making it more likely for STIs to be transmitted to partners, lead author Melanie Taylor told The Guardian.
STIs can cause stillbirths, newborn deaths and infertility. Syphilis alone results in 200,000+ stillbirths and newborn deaths annually.
Noting the large numbers of gonorrhea cases and the emerging, near-impossible to treat “super gonorrhea,” the Wellcome Trust’s Tim Jinks said the 376 million annual infections noted by the report demonstrate the urgent need to limit STI transmission and develop new antibiotics, according to CNN.

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