Cannabis Can’t Cancel Out Opioid Deaths

A new study contradicts earlier findings that legalizing medical marijuana reduces the rate of fatal opioid overdoses, ScienceDaily reports.
Since the 2014 study, several more states have legalized medical marijuana, bringing the total to 47. Revisiting the issue, Stanford Medicine researchers found no such link between the availability of medical marijuana and opioid deaths.
"We don't think cannabis is killing people, but we don't think it's saving people," said a senior author Keith Humphreys.
Despite spotty evidence on some health claims, marijuana has been shown to ease various ailments including nausea, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis, AP reports. The last 5 years has seen a tripling of medical marijuana cards in the US, and researchers are in a hurry to explore—or debunk—other possible benefits, including cancer and autism treatment.

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