CDC Casts Wider Net with HPV Vax

The human papillomavirus vaccine may be worth getting through age 45, according to the findings of a CDC advisory panel revealed yesterday, The Washington Post reports.

Every year in the US, HPV-related cancers afflict some 17,500 women and 9,300 men, many of them preventable with the vaccine.  
The updated recommendation could expand insurance coverage for the vaccine, which was designed to prevent cancers caused by HPV, including cervical, anal and throat.
Currently the vaccine is recommended to start in the pre-teen years with boosters through age 26. To ease the process, the panel voted to “harmonize” the age range for catch-up vaccinations for young men and women.
In an analysis published in the Lancet yesterday as well, researchers pointed to a “substantial” decrease in HPV infections, precancerous cervical lesions and anogenital warts since the introduction of the HPV vaccine more than a decade ago.
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