Dengue Positioned for Power Grab

Dengue is set to threaten 6 billion people by 2080—60% of the current world population—according to study in Nature Microbiology.
The authors mapped the spread of Aedes mosquito vectors to project dengue’s geographical range, fueled by urbanization and our warming climate. It shows the disease's likely spread into areas including China’s southern coast, Japan, Australia, and higher altitudes in South America.
Those most at-risk of dengue in the future will be in countries that are least able to cope with it, Simon I. Hay of the University of Washington told The Telegraph, adding, “Mitigation strategies must focus on dengue endemic areas, not just the risk of expansion to Western nations.”

He suggests taking action now—investing in trials of novel vaccines and mosquito control, curbing carbon emissions, and planning for sustainable population growth and urbanization.

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