Devolved By Technology?

It may have taken humans millennia to evolve into an upright position—but a new study suggests we may be on our way back down. Or maybe not?

A study (from 2018) making headlines this week suggested that spending inordinate amounts of time tilting their heads phone-ward is causing young people to develop “hornlike spikes”—or “bone spurs” if you prefer—at the backs of their skulls.

But wait, really? Well, maybe not. The New York Times stepped in with a bucket of cold water—noting the study looked at older X-Rays and lacked a control group. (“Head horns? Come on,” concluded one expert interviewed by the NYT).

But if there’s an ailment, best believe the wellness industry is there with a solution. The Cut’s Hannah Gold has some ideas: “Selfie sticks but for checking your phone? Influencer neck braces? Skull shavings? Head-horn bangles?”

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