Protests Erupt Amid India's Worst-Ever Water Crisis

As India faces its worst water crisis ever, at least 550 people were arrested after protestors took to the streets this week wielding empty water containers, CNN reported.

The situation is wreaking havoc on both urban centers and rural villages, Thomson Reuters Foundation reports.

With crops ravaged and reservoirs dried up, farm workers have been left without their chief source of income, and forced to migrate from their villages.

Chennai—India’s sixth largest city—is among 21 cities that could run out of groundwater by 2020. Reservoir levels there have plummeted to one-hundredth of what they were last year.

The city’s restaurants have closed, schools have no water, and workers are staying home, according to CNN.

India uses more groundwater than any other nation, and campaigners say years of poor management and storage systems are as much to blame as delayed monsoon rains.

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