“Saharan Bubble” Scorching Europe

Spain is in the throes of a massive forest fire, fueled by a stifling heatwave blanketing Europe, the Evening Standard reports.
The fire in the Catalonia area, the area’s most serious in 2 decades, has consumed 4,000 hectares of forest and spurred evacuations.
The stifling temps, caused by a huge “reservoir of warm air drawn from northern Africa dubbed a Saharan Bubble,” are expected to soar higher still today across a swath of the continent including Spain, France, and Germany.
In Germany, officials set limits of 100 or 120 km/hr in sections of the Autobahn highway—famed for no speed limits in some stretches—out of fear that the heat could cause the road to buckle, The Local Germany reports.
The stifling heat prompted France to set traffic restrictions as well, and to close schools in the Paris region, according to AFP.

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