Call for UN Investigation of Duterte’s Murderous “War on Drugs”

Amnesty International called on the UN to investigate the deaths of thousands in the Philippines under President Duterte’s “war on drugs,” saying in a report released today the killings of mostly poor people amount to crimes against humanity.
Amnesty’s investigations revealed a script-like pattern to the deaths: In undercover drug stings, police claim the armed suspects fought back, justifying excessive force. Witnesses and families interviewed by Amnesty in Bulacan province, site of an uptick in the killings, challenge the reports.
A UN vote is expected this week on an Iceland-sponsored resolution to investigate the killings, The Washington Post reports; Duterte’s office has vowed to block any investigation.
The Quote: “It is not safe to be poor in President Duterte’s Philippines,” says Nicholas Bequelin, Amnesty International’s regional director for East and Southeast Asia. “All it takes to be murdered is an unproven accusation that someone uses, buys, or sells drugs.”

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